Fence Post Stupid
by MadTarnsman

     I'm not great literary master but I like to think I spin yarns about more than blood, guts and guys fightin' to the death.  I'd like to think people don't really regard me as a misogynist.  I like to think my stories are rather involved, but for somebody who's reading my work to think I hate women just because a character does something....well....that's just goddamned ridiculous.

     On the fictional planet of Gwallanne, contact from the outside has been forbidden by BigPowerfulInvisibleForces.  Guilds, social classes, behaviors and mannerisms all evolve on this planet out of the Natural Order of things if you kept humans functioning close to their instinctual mammalian roots.  There's no movements or committees to give the women on Gwallanne any "liberation" or "freedom".  Hell, these concepts are almost alien and elusive to men.  Often times,  freedom is an illusion.

     In Mad Jack #1, The Natural Order, our hero found out who/what/where he was.


by MadTarnsman

I've had some comments about my coloring.  Well, it's done by hand with Prismacolor markers although I DO sometimes bucket fill some backgrounds with GIMP.  

I've also had some comments on people admiring my drawing style and I humbly thank you all for that....I studied Jack Kirby until I was near blind as a kid...he was my  hero and I guess he influenced me!

by MadTarnsman

I see my subscriber population is growing and I want all of you to know how humbling yet good that feels.   This is something I was always told by my parents to "put away".....get a real job...etc....and this was after I got discharged from the Navy in March of '79.  'Course, that tune changed when I actually DID get paid by TSR, the original Dungeons&Dragons people and sold a VERY sordid porno strip to a web site.


This, though, is what I want to do.  Write and draw the old school style while bringing in the new.  It used to be the kiss of death for a comic artist to even depict a drop of blood.  I don't draw for sensationlism, but there is blood sometimes.


Mad Jack evolved as a character I played online on a Gorean chat site.  Gor is based on about 22 novels by John Norman, aka Prof. John Lange, a professor of philosophy.  


I wrote Prof. Lange and he was gracious enough to write back about two years ago.  I had a yearning to try my hand at Gor, on a comics approach, but he declined to give me the rights/permission which was anticipated.  He DID suggest I go "invent" my own world.

So, Gwallanne is about more than ole Jack lookin' good as he hacks fuckers to bits and nails slave girls.  It also covers the true human condition...the controlled bestial side of us that runs through each like an anchoring core.


Again, I appreciate the growing fan base and no matter where, if anywhere, I end up taking Mad Jack, I hope to keep you all in the loop and as fans.  I also guarantee more of the best art and story I can manage and a minimum of veiled preaching!



by MadTarnsman

There might be a bit of a hiatus between the premiere issue/chapter and the next, gang!  

I'm so old school I believe in a cover for ever new issue/chapter and that takes a bit of time.


Don't worry, though, I'm not gonna let anybody lose interest from negligence!!

End Of A Story Arc
by MadTarnsman

Alright, gang, the next update will bring around the end of the Mad Jack back story and the what's what and who's who on Gwallanne.  Things will be moving on to thicker and darker plot points for ole Jack and his crowd!


I appreciate all of your comments ....I truly I try and figure out a way to make money off this, it's those comments and critiques that keep me goin'!!