Mystery Geep
by MadTarnsman

Well, gang, I seem to have come down with some sort of mystery geep....needless to say it won't let me sit at the drawing table for very long at a whack.  Note I said DRAWING TABLE...with triangled, pencils 'n shit...not COMPUTER!! *grins*

Fear not, the next three pages of Mad Jack are nearing completion and I'm struggling to build myself a 'buffer'...the problem is if I finish it, I want it up!!  If I can razzle dazzle ya with the full plot intricacies then I'll get more valued subscribers. (Insert shameless cry for subscribers here...)

Stay faithful, gets complicated, weird but always straightforward!!

New Fangled Shit!!!
by MadTarnsman

Okay, gang, I've updated Mad Jack.  This particular story line/arc is called The Natural Order....when there's a suitable chapter break, such as a new story tangent, there will be a new chapter.

Some of you may or may not notice that I'm getting better with GIMP and stitching page halves together.  If I can ever find out why bucket fill won't work, I can remedy that.

My roommate has the scanner/printer so he's been scanning.  I'm going to talk to him about his settings...maybe that's the problem.

Until then, I appreciate all your input and opinions...genuine fan mail/feedback would be great!  It nourishes the narcissist in me.

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