by MadTarnsman

There might be a bit of a hiatus between the premiere issue/chapter and the next, gang!  

I'm so old school I believe in a cover for ever new issue/chapter and that takes a bit of time.


Don't worry, though, I'm not gonna let anybody lose interest from negligence!!

End Of A Story Arc
by MadTarnsman

Alright, gang, the next update will bring around the end of the Mad Jack back story and the what's what and who's who on Gwallanne.  Things will be moving on to thicker and darker plot points for ole Jack and his crowd!


I appreciate all of your comments ....I truly I try and figure out a way to make money off this, it's those comments and critiques that keep me goin'!!

The Plot Thickens
by MadTarnsman

This week, Jack's back story is almost completely relayed and his more mundane adventures can begin.


I'm kidding.....I try and make nothing about this strip mundane!!


Although, I have had an offer for his new coat. *laffs* 

A Little Rushed
by MadTarnsman

The latest update was a little rushed....well, the coloring was and it shows.

I guess I'll just have to slow down a bit on the home stretch!

Pain and the Veterans Administration
by MadTarnsman

I'm battling some doctors over how to best treat this pain in my lower back so my updates may be a bit sporadic as I adjust and adapt to new pain killers.

Some of them are quite interesting, having induced the greatest of plot lines....others just make me sleep an undue amount of time.


Oh, and NarcoticVenus, don't'll never see a zombie in one of my comics, let alone one in a space suit!!

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